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Looking for an accommodation at the lake Balaton or in other bathing resorts? Our website provides you different accommodations: pensions, holiday houses, vacation homes and apartments for rent – all of them at the lake Balaton or in famous bathing resorts and spas in Hungary. Please look through our permanently growing offer! On the page of every single accommodation you can find the most important informations of the accommodations: descriptions, details, equipments, photos, prices and maps. If you need more information, you would like an offer or you would make a reservation, please use the form on the page of the accommodations!

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Holiday at Balaton

Balaton is the largest lake in Central Europe and one of its foremost tourist destinations. The northern shore is known as a major wine region of Hungary and the southern shore is known for its summer resorts. The water of Balaton at the southern shore deepens slowly so you can walk into the lake more hundred meters before the water infests you. In the summer “the Hungarian Sea” (like Hungarians call the lake) heats up to 24-25 – sometimes even 29 – Celsius. Balaton is 77 km long and the narrowest part located between Szántód (southern shore) and the Tihany Peninsula (northern shore) which are connected with ferry.